Mordekaiser feels weird to master

He has only Ap scalings yet he somehow feels strongest being played as a juggernaut with Conquerors rune. I did quite a bit of testing and played many games with many different runes and I have to say, Mordekaiser is seriously Ironic in the sense that he feels like a bruiser, plays like a duelist, is supposted to build like a mage but pulls off best as a juggernaut and his Q on a single person has Assassin levels of burst. I think this is the reason why he has such high win rates just days after being released. He has this feel that he brings together the best from every other champion type and unites it in one kit and playstyle, and I have actually found the most success building him as an Ap-juggernaut hybrid with the entire Juggernaut stuff, meaning {{item:3065}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3053}} and then some typical tanky ap items that compliment his kit, items like {{item:3152}} and {{item:3116}} and Conqueror's as my rune with Coup, that tenacity thing and Last Stand. But despite my success, I morally feel wrong playing him like that. He makes me question everything I know about meta builds and what I am supposted to build on him. Anyone else had experiences making success on morde with weird builds?
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