Riot games is the source of all toxicity

I was playing on my smurf. Stomping every single game. Going like 13/5/15 every game. Got to promos. My bot lane is a combined 4/18. I ask them several times to stop dying. They flame me and tell me how its my fault they were dying. Because I'm the jungle and its a low elo game so everything is my fault right? I calmly explain to them their mistakes and eventually I get more and more rude because they don't shut up. I get a 10 game chat ban. This could have been avoided if: 1. Riot games didn't match me with a silver 3 adc and an unranked player in my bot lane when my MMR is plat and I'm on a win streak 2. Riot actually punished intentional feeders. My teammates basically just ran into them died repeatedly because they didn't give a fuck. Honestly, it was a gold game but it reminds me of my high plat games. I was a bit shocked. Anyway yeah. Riot should take responsibility for the toxicity in their game because its almost entirely due to their garbage matchmaking. It's sad and its pathetic. EDIT: It seems like a lot of people are missing the point of this post. I'm not complaining about bad players or trolls in general. That shit happens all the way from Iron to challenger. What I'm actually complaining about is why it always seems to happen on promo games. For some reason you can hard stomp your way to promos repeatedly, be a on a massive win streak, and then your teammate quality will just plummet for no reason at all. I've been trolled in promos in silver. I've been trolled in promos in gold. I've been trolled in promos in plat. Literally every elo on every account it is the same damn thing. Riot gives you trolls during your promo games. There is no explanation for it. Literally everyone I know experiences this. Promos are hard as fuck for no fucking reason and then Riot wonders why people get pissed their game. This season I had to do my plat 4 promos 3 times and my plat 3 promos 5 times. I failed my plat 2 promos twice. Are you telling me that with 28 LP per win I didn't deserve to be plat 4 or plat 3 on my first try? I got trolled repeatedly and eventually made it through them pissed the fuck off that I had to repeat them so many times. It's so annoying and frustrating.
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