Champs feel unskilled now

Is it just me, or does it feel like champions are being tailored towards braindead players now? It's almost insulting. Almost every new champ, and every rework has the ability to fuck up REALLY badly and get out pretty much for free. Akali's 27 dashes, Mord's pull (when used backwards, plus he just doesnt die in the first place, so... I mean...) Pykes dash/stun/invisibilty that has a heal mechanic for some reason??? What happened to champs that make you actually think before you do stuff, without giving you get out of jail free cards? Only semi decent one that can be punished is Zoe. Sylas is busted as hell though. Whats up with this shit, Riot? Even older champions hated by the community, like Teemo or Darius, can be heavily punished. They don't get to just get out of situations at the tap of a key.
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