[Kayle Post] Early item prioritization for Kayle

I've put in more games on her cuz I love the rework, and here's what I think I've ascertained about her early item priorities. We all know her early game is pretty lackluster, but with practice you can kind of work around this weakness and a big part of that is learning what to prioritize on her early in games in terms of items. So let's start with some quick maths. Kayle has only a .2 AP ratio and a .1 total AD ratio on both of her damaging abilities. She has a tiny mana pool and has to spam abilities just to stay relevant. She's also squishy as all hell. Obviously, picking up items that are good for trading with opponents in direct confrontation are just flat out bad purchases. You won't be making use of them until you hit level 11. As such I've found most attack speed items to be completely useless on her prior to gaining ranged autos. Mana items, however, are great for spamming abilities and farming moderately safely from range. Heavy AP items just don't provide enough damage out put to be relevant, but AD items are slightly better. In situations where you max e over q then something like a BF sword or cutlass are pretty solid. The poke actually hurts and it makes last hitting easier. In situations where you are maxing q first then something like a lost chapter is an ideal pick up. An early tear, if you can hang with the enemy laner while you have a massive power trough early can provide you with the ability to spam abilities and farm up. These are the kinds of things you want as early items on kayle unless you're going to be getting a lot of help from your jungler in which case you can be a bit more aggressive with your item purchases and look for stuff that will improve your 1v2 and 2v2 skirmishing power. Realistically speaking though, these are the items that are your best bet for early pick ups as they help you manage your weak early game best: {{item:3802}} {{item:3070}} {{item:1038}} {{item:3145}} {{item:3057}} {{item:3162}} {{item:3010}}
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