People are suprised at how bad urf is

yet forget riot has gone on record saying they dont like it and it would take people away from summoner rift.....or w/e rift we on now considering summoners arent a thing anymore and people are suprised why they release it twice a year while cutting the fun in half every release? who woulda thunk it.... they wont get the point till people stop playing and paying, hence i played one urf game with a friend and we both looked at eachother after and said fuck this game.....both of us have been playing since late s2.... but again, as long as they got players and money they wont care what you think and will pretty much lie to your face *cough dynamic q cough blue essence/orange essence rates cough* because "majority"......even though we dont get our info from any type of survey or social media....but just believe us.....a majority approves.... seriously though, people should stop thinking of the community based riot team from before and think of them now as they have acted, leaning way more towards money than consumer happiness or a balanced fun game
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