2nd Shiny ever!!

Hey everyone. I know no one cares but whenever i feel a bit anxious or can't sleep i pull out my DS and play some Heartgold (cause it's lowkey best pokemon game). So yeah after, studying till 4 for my chem final on friday, which i'm extremely nervous about, i decided to boot up the game and breed some relicaths for battle frontier shenanigans and cause i wanted a decent one. After 6 eggs i got my 2nd shiny ever!!!! Im very excited since i really like the colors. Anyone here got name suggestions it has perfect attack and speed IVs and ima make it Rock Polish sweeper!! https://i.imgflip.com/2o7hc4.jpg screen shot is ugly, behold its glory https://orig00.deviantart.net/13ac/f/2016/063/5/4/_369_shiny_dream_world_relicanth_recolor_by_pokemonlover7669-d9tw4hk.png
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