My account have confirmed that involved in elo boosting.

I have found that my account got banned this morning which is pretty surprising to me since I know that the only reason I could be banned is verbal abuse. Then I checked the procedure that I should file a ticket since I know it is definitely a mistake. While waiting for a response, I explored that Riot never admit that they have banned your account by mistake. No wonder, I get my response, which says "I have reviewed your account and confirmed that it is mmr boosting". I don't trust you Riot, I know my account. I know the person I duo with. In fact, I duo with him the entire freaking season. We were college roomates, smh. Now I want everyone who are facing this problem to know that you never gonna have your account recovered. The great thing about this is that I only got banned 2 weeks which is freaking "awesome". You guys can check my profile, Thanks Riot. FYI, my roomate who duo with me in last 300 matches didn't got banned. Maybe you should not play a wide variety of champs and perform good in particular champs(60% is not good in my opinion). I was pretty mad, now I am just disappointed of this game and Riot.
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