Is Tristana buried and gone?

I wanted to get other people's thoughts on current Tristana situation. What do you people think about her place at the bottom lane atm? I main her, and I have to admit she has been weak for a while. And I really waited the new AD and crit items to light her back up, but actually since the item changes came on, she has gone even weaker. To bring some stats on it, gives her a devastating 44.75% win rate. at least gives her a 47.99% but, as it all tells, she is WEAK. So what do you think? Is she dead atm? Is she dead for good? Do you feel some buffs would be needed and fast too? And what kind of buffs? What comes to buffs i really think something has to be done. Buff to q or e at least. Or maybe to basic attack damage. Something anyway. She is shown to be fairly decent in games that are +40 minutes long, but as we all know, the games are rarely that long in LoL at the moment. So, please share your thoughts with me, and hopefully some Riot people will see this discussion too and join the discussion. Because at least I feel that main or not, she is so unplayable that i must play other adc's at the moment. Because she doesn't really seem to fit in any kind of team comp or situation.
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