Thank You for the New Client Download Screen!

I LOVE that Riot finally made a client download screen that effectively shows remaining to be downloaded data! It's very well done, and the graphics of the new client are surprisingly less visually laggy than this last iteration. It's a lot more like the first legacy client, which I love and still miss. I can tell Riot tried to copy more modern games with this new client, yet still seem to have made a VERY well-made piece of art that is far FAR less laggy than this last client was for me. I just wanted to thank you for making something I am very optimistic about for once. I know y'all have gotten a lot of hateful and negative feedback from me and other people in the past, but I am feeling positive about season 10 now more than ever. I was just about to quit for good, and you've piqued my interest again (damn you for that, you children of S'tan).
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