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So coming off of a game of Summoner's Rift 5v5 (draft), I wanted to ask a few questions regarding the Matchmaking System for the Normal Draft Queues & the Ranked Draft Queues. --------- Story time: Recently (atleast 2 separate games), I have had the Pleasure/Displeasure of playing with & against someone who is in a much higher ELO than most of the players on either team (including myself). One of which was in Grandmaster who single handedly crushed the enemy team to the point where they opened Mid at 12 minutes. The Other (which I just played a game against) was a player from Masters who even though had a hard time early on, managed to hold on & started snowballing as Diana. Our team ended up surrendering that match. -------- So this makes me wonder a few things. - Why is it that matches in the Normal Queues like Draft 5v5 have horrid matchmaking where as Ranked Queues actually have some-what balanced teams? - Is there anyway that this can be fixed (if at all)? As someone that enjoys Normals far more than Ranked (mainly because I feel like I'm not under as much pressure in Normals as I am in Ranked), it's not exactly fun to watch people get absolutely dominated by people they really didn't have a chance against to begin with (especially if it's an Ally that's getting the thrashing). Even if the High ELO Player in question is on your team, it might not be as fun as the enemy team will most likely surrender as early as possible due to that player snowballing out of control. Like I know that with the way the Matchmaking is setup, it sends you into matches much more frequently & you can get alot more games in. However it just feels absolutely horrible at times because matchmaking can put you & your teammates in matches where the enemy team has someone that's miles out of your league, works vice-versa as well. It just feels bad overall & it's one of the only things that actually gets under my skin with League. _**It's Quality over Quantity, not the other way around.**_
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