Unpopular opinion on Akali

I've played league for a long time now and I have seen many champs with updates and reworks, but the only one that was a rework that sucked to the point of reverting was LeBlanc. That was until now because Akali has now taken that spot since her new kit she has constantly been nerfed. The whole goal for her new kit was "balance" because she was the first ad/ap assassin champ to league, but unless you get off to a good start she sucks. Prior to her rework she was a make it or break it champ, but with the right items she can scale back. However, with new Akali she is still make it or break it, but if you're far too back on kills or farm you're just screwed, and you have to wait till you are carried or loose (she isn't fun to play anymore). Her new ult bugs half the time and doesn't land a good hit, and her new q makes her a horrible assassin. You have to run away from where you hit your target to use the passive?! Her stealth was the only great thing that was suppose to come out of this update, but that was nerfed hard so now the only thing that made her stand out sucks. Quick run down of her since release patch 8.15...8.18 (ult dmg down) 8.22 (W cd nerf and ult dmg nerf [again]) 8.24 (overall base stats buff, but W nerf) 8.24b (W stealth buff, reverted W nerf from 8.24) 9.3 (base health regan nerf, Q super nerf and W nerf) 9.5 (passive buff, W nerf with turrets [the ONLY thing Riot was proud of that she could avoid turrets with her new kit], E nerf, ult cd nerf) 9.9 (W nerf [again]) 9.11 (expected super dmg nerf). Overall, she cannot be balanced with her new kit and Riot d-mn well knows this with how the only buffs to date are....none now all her cd, dmg, and special shadow shroud that made her special all suck. Revert her please and thank you even reddit is blowing up with this no one likes new Akali and old Akali wasn't as OP now to the point of getting this much attention. According to champion.gg she ranks 36/45 for mid lane champs at ~43% win rate and ~45% for top. Even on most of the tier list websites easily found she isn't even recognized as a threat, but she still gets nerfed hard. I don't speak for the community, but please give back old Akali at least she was fun to play unlike the new one which is just a pain.
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