Has god king Garen gone on sale yet?

> A year or more is a long time to wait for a deal, so we are adding a monthly sale featuring skins of all tiers. All non-Legacy skins will go in the sale 4-6 months after release. This means skins that previously didn’t have early discounts (750s and 975s) will start going on sale sooner. > We also want players to have a chance to get a deal on skins of any tier, which conflicts with the fact that we previously didn’t discount legendary skins (1820s). So we're making future Legendary skins eligible for the early sale (previously released 1820s won’t be going on sale though). This’ll be the only time Legendary and Ultimate skins will be purchasable at a direct discount. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/were-changing-discounts 6 months would be "end of December." So it's likely it went on sale. But it was also holidays so who knows. Anyone know?
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