Could we end up seeing unpopular champs gain popularity through new game genres?

Recently I was thinking about all the different games coming from Riot, particularly the card game and the fighting game coming out and thinking of what champs could be getting added to what and if that means Riot can tone back skins on popular champs with the extra money coming in (no, not the topic at hand. focus O_O) when I got to thinking. Could we even say that every popular champ will even be popular across every game? Now of course odds are some of them will just be popular no matter what, but that doesn't mean they all will be, nor does it mean that unpopular champs will be unpopular in every game. Could we see unpopular champs gain popularity through other game genres? {{champion:157}} for example is one of the first cards to get released to the card game. But with most card games I know of, older cards kind of get left in the dust as more and more cards get added (of course that's not the case all the time, but it does happen here and there). On the other hand if they were to add {{champion:427}} years later after {{champion:157}}'s card has becomes considered "low tier" and Ivern's mechanics make him the most used/sought after card in the game, then suddenly {{champion:427}} becomes a favorite in the card game while Yasuo gets almost forgotten about. Then for fighting games it's a completely different animal. characters can become popular cause of mechanics, personality, spammy moves that you can troll with.... all kinds of things. Even then there have been times when Pros in fighting games have gone in with a low tier character and still came out on top (unlike with leagues pros who tend to avoid anything that isn't considered strong to give them the best advantage). Then even if they don't end up seeing all that much of a pro scene, popularity doesn't ALWAYS come down to the best moves (looking at you Street Fighter and Dan). Sometimes if a character is quirky enough or has a fun enough theme, they just end up gaining popularity regardless. Sure a champ like {{champion:62}} may not have much going on right now, but if added to the fighting game who knows. He could end up finding his stride there instead of league and become one of the top fighters to use cause of his strong combos, fun personality and even a spammy ability you can troll with. This isn't even going into the other games like TFT, the ARPG looking game and Wild Rift which _might_ have slightly different mechanics which would change things ever so slightly. All of these games have the potential to make currently unpopular champs become much more popular by being one of the best in whatever game they are in and in turn, maybe even close that giant gap between popular and unpopular that feels like has been getting bigger and bigger every year. Still a huge stretch to say now, but who knows. We could even one day see a world where every champ is popular in one game or another and no one feels "out of place" or "underutilized". The league universe truly becomes a universe where EVERY champ can be considered "the protagonist" to whatever player that wants to follow that said champ. That's pretty much my thoughts on all of that. Just something that came to mind and wanted to hear opinions about. Would like to hear others thoughts on this and how people think the new games could affect all the characters of league overall. Still a weird thought that what has been a single game with some minor spin off stuff is now going to become a full on franchise complete with comics and an anime. Even weirder to think that now you really won't have to play league to enjoy the universe as there are other games/media that you will be able to play or experience that will offer something to everyone. As of late I've been feeling pretty negitive about league and Riot the past few years, how shady and gross everything has felt either through scandals, heavy handed marketing or lack of support for the minority of league and really still feel like I may quit league entirely at the end of the year, but these new games at least offer the chance for someone like me to enjoy the world, even if I don't wish to continue playing the base game. And in the end I think that's really the best gift Riot could give us veterans who have been losing interest. A way to stay part of the community we've gotten use to without the need of playing a game we've grown tired of. (P.S: Didn't bring up the shooter cause I can't make heads or tails of it yet. It _looks_ like a new franchise, but it also _looks_ like it's using quite a few place holder assets still. idk, we'll see when they show off more info about it I guess, but for now I'll just assume it's got it's own universe till shown otherwise.)
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