Why Was "Honoring Opponents" Removed?

Disclaimer: This isn't much of an important discussion so if you're looking for drama you might find better luck elsewhere. It's way too long of a read for how trivial it is if you take it seriously so consider it a discussion for a QoL change. I get the whole Honor System revamp and all, and it's good to know that players with good sportsmanship or are respected by their allies get Hextech rewards for not being toxic (I'm not starting a discussion here about how flawed it is in some aspects btw, that's not the point). But I'm also kind of confused as to why we're not allowed admit our opponents are good players with good sportsmanship if they don't trash talk you in /all chat. If you get absolutely shitstomped by some godly player and you recognize that kind of prowess, why are you not allowed to express how impressed you are at their achievements and abilities anymore? Honestly in my opinion removing the option to honor worthy opponents was an unnecessary change, unless it interfered with how the new Honor system worked (but why would it in hindsight...?). It's weird to put into words but somehow no longer having the option (or a reminder that said option exists) to admit that your foes are worthy of praise and wordlessly letting them know that as a sign of goodwill might make the playerbase just a crumb less friendly than it used to be. People are no longer reminded "Hey you think someone on the enemy might be a decent fellow both in gameplay and personality? Why not let him know that?" And it's just either down to "Damn there was nothing we could do", having your impression of the player dragged through the mud via being trash-talked, or as a majority of the playerbase prefer - complaining about the balance of the game. Want an example? I used to play around with a lot of champs, and while practicing them, I often run into people who are playing champs that I main and know like the back of my hand. Usually I'm relieved that I have superior knowledge compared to other champs when it came to dealing with said champs. But sometimes I just get caught off guard with the player's amazing decision making or impressive mechanics and get absolutely wrecked. Back when you could Honor opponents you'd think "Well THAT'S the guy I'm honoring, I've decided". It's way more convenient and direct to let them know as opposed to typing "damn you're good" or something in /all chat. I know this is just going in circles so I'll leave it at that. P.S. I'm not petitioning for Riot to bring it back by any means, I kind of want to hear everyone's opinion on why it had to be removed. Just to satisfy my curiosity.
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