PSA that Riot supports the Suicide of it's Male Playerbase

If you're wondering what I am referring to, it is this: In that Board thread you'll find a picture of a Tweet Daniel Z Klein retweeted. It reads: "If anyone wants to hangout in the MEN ONLY LEAGUE PANEL i'm hosting it's located inside the turbine of a 747 at LAX. Just hop in." Daniel Z Klein, a RIOTER, just retweeted for Riot's Male Playerbase to go committ suicide! And no, the fact that it's a joke doesn't make it even the tiniest shred less worse. This is FUCKING SUICIDE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT, IT'S NOT SOMETHING TO JOKE ABOUT! As far as I'm concerned, every second Daniel Z Klein is still a Rioter, a representative of Riot Games, is another second that Riot Games not only endorses suicide, but wishes it upon the Male Playerbase for it's very own community! I'm at a loss for words. This is absolutely atrocious. Edit: I'm actually SO shook by this. I LOVE this game SO MUCH. And yet it's developers are still employing somebody who just told me to kill myself. I feel very strongly on this matter for good reason. As much as anybody else I talk shit on LoL, but I love it as a game, I LOVE this game. It's one of the VERY few games I've consistently come back to and played still. I've put SO much money and time into this game I'm honestly afraid to look at the stats lol. But I never felt bad about it because I loved the game. I put money into the game, I share the game with friends, I consistently watch their LCS and plenty of YouTubers for the game. All of this goes to support Riot, who despite the shit I've given them, I've still felt are one of the most genuine creators out there who even if it seems otherwise, do care about the players. I met both of my closest friends entirely through LoL, two of my friends I talk to and play with on a regular basis. I've given to and received SO much from this game, that I actually look at it as a part of my life, a part I proudly stood by. When I was depressed I turned to LoL regularly to escape reality just for a little bit, a little of bit of meming with the community and a little bit of having fun with my mains. I never realized it until now, but League has become a staple in my life that's just as common for me as any other regular routine. So just to be clear I LOVE League of Legends and it means so much to me. And like I said before, I did always know at heart that Riot did care about it's playerbase and I reveled in what felt like almost a friendship between the devs of the company as I read their posts and asked questions on the boards. So for me to look at a higher Rioter to have said such a thing and gone along so far unscathed, untouched by this company I once held dear, not even a quick tweet saying Riot doesn't support his toxic statements, I honestly feel so so so betrayed. I don't expect you or anybody to share this feeling with me, and I don't think it's wrong of anybody to disagree. I respect the fact that everybody has their own opinion, and this is mine, and this is the reason why I feel the way I do.
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