I just cried after a league of legends game.

I had played this game since beta, on another account, and on my main 'Diamond Demon' ' I only Galio' 'Galiö' account since season one. Initially o was a kassadin fan until he was reworked and then gutted so I move on to other champs until I found galio and fell in love. I had played over 2000 hours of Galio before he was reworked and I can barely remember ever being frustrated at the game. I just loved it. Then came the day Galio was re released. I hated it from day one. I try to stay faithful to this account by playing only Galio but I dont think I can anymore and I feel guilty for something I was forced into. I am the player with the most mastery points on Galio in NA and i have a perfect record of champions played being only Galio for years now. This new Galio just isnt fun... at all. I do not like the way he plays. I hate the way he looks. I hate his voice. I hate his ultimate. Overall it just makes me dislike the game. The community has always been crumby but I just work so many hours in a week I just want to be able to enjoy my once favorite game. Today it broke me. A 30 year old man cried over this game and what I once had. I feel powerless over this emptiness I feel. How do you play a game without a favorite character while the other players do nothing and actively try and make the game less pleasurable?
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