So how come RiotGames can only afford to have 1 NA server for the whole region?

When you think of Fortnite, EpicGames have multiple server for each region NA East, NA West, EUW, JPN, etc ------------ And then there's League, one server for all NA Region...... Literally playing with 70ms have a big impact compare to 20ms, yes it's playable but from when your smite can be activated or abilities can be activated, you can see the delay or it just doesn't work because the game has already confirm something happen before you know it. If some of you have not notice, You can see any Champions die before they actually die because it show their death timer ironically. ------------- There are also few time where I try to steal Baron or Drake but my smite wouldn't go off even tho I spam the shit out of it. I'm just saying but yeah 70ms is pretty shitty.
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