Guys You are absolutely right if u are hardstuck . now i understand you

i used to blame players that are hardstuck in silver or gold and i always told them u are hardstuck because you are bad . untill i decided to smurf once . but now i understand you . When me as a Diamond1 player cant win in gold elo because matchmaking gives me 4 autofilled 45% winrate teammates and puts enemy team all 5 on-role and all +55% winrate u have every right to complain about riot for not letting you grind and climb. that thing that riot said that "you have 50% chance to win every game" is complete bullshit . i give u this. u dont have 50% chance to win . if u had . i should have never lost a game in gold but i lose so many games in gold because of this matchmaking system even tho that i get +10 kills per game and smurfing as hard as possible i still lose . of course if u are gold and not smurf u will lose when this matchmaking system is not even close to "FAIR" . from now on i dont blame anyone for being hardstuck in any elo. **in a company that dont ban trolls and dont even fix its client and cant afford a decent programmer to design a decent simple matchmaking system u cant expect anything from anyone.** im sry if i ever blamed any player for being hardstuck before . im so sorry . u are right boys. the system sucks and its so frustrating to play ranked and want to climb . {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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