The Most Diverse Elo in League, Low levels

I've made plenty of new accounts that I never used but I first noticed this when creating a new account because of a ban over a year ago. There are no new players. I've heard of smurfs and Technically have one as I have a second account and never truly realized how many people make them. The games consist of all smurfs and after asking around found 1 new player in every 30 or so games and the rest being smurfs or those irons who want to retry at ranked on a new account. This overall results the games into being pure luck or RNG. Being that you have a chance of your 4 other teammates to be anywhere from iron to sometimes plat and on rare occasions actually get a new player. Looking from a new players perspective I can't even imagine trying a game and being placed with people who have been playing for years and just getting stomped every game. Does Riot have a system in place to prevent new players from getting utterly screwed?
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