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EDIT: The dream is real - part 2 :https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/YJKGvcmj-follow-up-post-to-yesterdays-thanksgiving-riot-listened-to-me Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Thank you for regularly letting me experience what it's like to have a complete beginner in his/her placements on your team in promo games! It couldn't get more fun or more exciting than this. I was so bored of gaining LP i was afraid i might actually make it to Gold 5 with the first promo series. Thankfully you guys thought of me and gave me a toplaner that i could only have dreamed of! This guy (1/9/7 btw) was such a masterful Poppy player he actually had 44 cs at 40 minutes. Imagine the excitement i had! He also built Spirit Visage against a full ad comp. He is the genius we all need in our promo games. Thank you guys for your flawless matchmaking system that absolutely doesn't stand in your way of quickly gaining the rank you deserve/desire! And to think that i had thought first time ranked Jax and second time ranked Swain was the best i would ever see in my promos! If i could just ask one thing guys could you give me something a little lower than level 33 next time? Like 31 or 30 (my favourite). 33 is a little to experienced for my tastes. I like my teammates fresh out the cradle. Preferably somebody that doesn't even speak english. I know you have already performed really well but you can be even better than this. I still felt like i could do something this game so next time try even harder if i may ask. I also really liked the afks and trolls this week. I felt like it's christmas but in august. Many tears of joy have left my eye recently. Once again thank you guys for the absolutely crisp matchmaking i still have some promo games to go so you know what to do!! {{sticker:poppy-wink}} https://imgur.com/a/3GJ8SlG
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