How to boost your normal winrate. Diamond only.

Hello fellow diamond players, this here is an easy guide on how to boost your normal game winrate without having to actually get better at the game. It's fairly easy and revolves around exploiting low elo players. All you have to do is queue up for several (around 20) games with some silver/bronze players and then find a new group of low elo players to play with. You should be swapping groups every 20-30 games and come back to groups after they've played another 30-40 games. The way this works is pretty simple. You have high MMR and when you play with low MMR people the game will skew the MMR down towards them. This results in a couple things: 1. Easy games if you play snowball/carry champions. 2. High MMR loss and Low MMR gain. The easier games should net you about a 60-70% winrate.... and the MMR stuff should keep your MMR roughly the same or even lower it, which means you don't have to play against better players. Eventually though the silver players on your team will have their MMR inflate, which means you will not be able to carry them anymore. This is when you stop playing with them. Now you look for another group and farm using them. While you're doing this your boosted former teammates will be losing more games, since they're effectively boosted, which allows them to become ripe to play with in the future. The best part about this is that the silver players are super easy to replace, I've been doing this unintentionally for years and it's greatly affected my winrate. Honestly, I'd just go on dating sites and be like "hey bb I'm diamond wanna play some league" then I'd play with that person and their friends for a couple weeks until I couldn't carry them anymore, at which point I was already finished with the relationship and I could move on. But how well does this actually work? I have 822 more wins than losses in normal games.
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