My Week Away From League

So some of you may or may not know me. I have somewhat quit League. I decided to take a week break from the game as it constantly gave me a reason to break the keys on my keyboard. And by god can I say it's so liberating to be away from it. I decided to take up Warframe again as I had an old account and am having fun meeting new people and sooner or later I'm heading back to start up my 2nd part of the campaign in the Division 2. Now the real reason I'm posting this is saying to all of you who play this game and are addicted (like I was) take time to actually mentally heal yourself from some of the stressers of this game. Explore other genres and I can guarantee you would actually be a little happier. I've been playing Leauge for 3 years and over that course my competative nature took over a huge force of my mental and I would get pissed off to a point I was close to a mental break down and sometimes a good day can be ruined within minutes of hoping on. Was league all that bad? no It actually was and possibly still fun to me, I just need time for myself and decided to share this because sometimes that's all people need. To anyone who took the time to read this small paragraph I hope you can find some mending in your spare time to try other games and hope you are just a little bit happier.
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