Can I get a Red response? I've never seen anyone addressing this age old issue.

4v1 Surrenders. There is a beyond simple fix to this, and I'd really like to know why noone at riot has put it on the table. Add a No surrendering checkbox somewhere that players can click before queueing up for a gamemode, checking it will only group you with other like-minded players who aren't interested in surrendering. This gets those annoying players who won't ff off of those teams, and onto teams that they actually want to be on. Because it's a checkbox, if the No surrender queue is giving people too long of a wait, they can always opt to just uncheck it and requeue. The amount of toxic threads on even this board alone of people saying 4v1 surrenders shouldn't be counted as losses etc etc wouldn't need to be there if you could simply implement something like this to fix it. As someone who plays a lot of late game champs, assassins and run gathering storm on everything, I sincerely ask you please god give us something to remedy this. It seriously ruins the game for a lot of people, and as can be seen even on the forums causes an massive wave pool of outrage from all sides everytime it happens.
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