Riot is not Responsible for Streamers

I didn't think it needed to be said but apparently it does- Riot is not responsible for what people say outside of their game. If a streamer says anything on-stream, that is up to the streaming service to deal with, not Riot. Riot's only concerns are actions and statements **in-game**. Anything done on a stream- flashing breasts, swearing, calling names, threatening bans, none of this is relevant to Riot unless it's **in** the game Riot oversees. Because Riot isn't responsible for it- Riot has no reason to punish people for doing it. And for good reason- it's overstepping Riot's boundaries. Dislike Nightblue all you want- fine and dandy. But quit whining about what he says in a stream. If it's not in-game it's not relevant. To Riot, you, or anyone else but the people watching to his stream.
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