Between WoW and FFXIV raiding

Which is goinna be more long-term enjoyable? Subjective question, I know, but I want opinions. Can't decide what game to put my time into. * I like the story in FFXIV, and BRD and RDM are fun (but queue times suck), but leveling is horrible and the game is so painfully slow at low level. Plus, there isn't a lot of repeatable content. But, there's a lot of side content to do, and the community is awesome. * Meanwhile, I played WoW for 13 years, but I've been burnt out on it for a while now. I had fun with Legion until I finished the Broken Isles story, then I burnt out after doing like two heroics. The classes are just boring now, and the content is really easy too. If neither is good... what about other games?
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