The Riven Rework

Hello, Summoners! I've recently seen a video about Riven and that she's going to be reworked. Let's start with what she means to me. She was the first champion I've enjoyed playing and she is the champ that keeps me playing this game. Second, I know that we are a lot of Riven Mains and that we'd be angry,mad, sad if she won't be like we all know her. I, myself, have spent a lot of time in learning the mechanics and I wouldn't like starting it again from 0. If Riot wants to make her weaker, they can take her Qs damage, her W damage, her E shield power and also the damage given by her R ( projectiles and also damage on basics). Conqueror was changed by you without realising what could be wrong and for fixing the mistake you made, you fuck the champ we love. Just for showing you a sign of 'revolution' I'll stop playing the game in case she gets reworked. Much love and Happy Easter Egg everyone! Edit: Also, the video that made me do this post -->
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