Fuck this game

Today I will be dedicating this to those annoying ass kids and grown up fucktards that played by my side across my 4 years of League of Legends, also to those who created this game and those who ''balance'' it more often than ever: Fuck you all, all this community is filled with filthy rats, stubborn kids, dumb teens, egocentric grown ups, mofos that play playmaker champs just to get their montage video and to BM the enemy team, fuck all of you who say ''Ez'' at the end of a game, fuck all of you who spam mastery when killing someone, fuck all of you who spam emotes to tilt people, fuck all of you who created and implemented emotes into the game, fuck CertainlyT, fuck Thresh mains, fuck Riven mains, fuck Yasuo mains, fuck Irelia mains, fuck Fiora mains, fuck Lee Sin mains, fuck Vayne mains, fuck Gangplank mains, fuck Katarina mains, fuck the mofo that created LeBlanc, fuck all the arrogant people telling others they are bad when they are on the winning side on a game, fuck all smartass players, fuck all players that say ''Masters'' instead of Master, fuck all players that say ''Conquerer'', fuck all players that use diminutives to call champions, fuck all the players that use the stupid heart emoji, fuck all the players that put ^^ in all chat, fuck all the players that put ? in all chat, fuck players that will give up their entire game just to camp someone and make their game as unfun as possible, fuck all the retards that go to forums related about a char and type: ''as a blablabla main...'' they obviously dont main that champ. I missed out on a lot of all the things that I hate about this game but I swear if I were to say every single one, this text would be illegal in a lot of countries. Lets see how many downvotes I can add up from the motherfuckers that feel identified with what I said above.
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