This ultimate skin is dumb

I’m not even going to be talking about the quality of the skin, which is bad it looks like a legendary with a bunch of chroma packs My problem with this skin is that it goes to a champion with like 100 skins, and who just got a skin 6 FUCKING MONTHS AGO This is complete bullshit considering several champions haven’t gotten skins since release or haven’t gotten a skin in a very long time such as ASol, Taliyh,Shen,Urgot, etc. There also isn’t any ultimate skins for top laners and Shen and Urgot haven’t gotten skins in a long ass time I really don’t understand why Riot thinks it’s exceptable to make some champions wait years for new skins and then give an unimpressive ultimate skin to a champion that just got a fucking skin Who’s the next ultimate skin for? Fucking Master Yi or Ahri??
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