Are Riot Bans Too Harsh?

Ive seen a fairly large amount of the population being banned for toxicity and that's fine but I'd say maybe only to a certain extent. From what I understand its a ladder system that starts with a few games restricted, then moves to more, then more, then instantly to a 14 day ban. I feel like implementing a permanent mute or something along that line would suffice a lot more than banning someone for having an inability to control their anger. Its punishing someone for something that they don't have control over. While i understand its no excuse i also feel like watching the community of players that genuinely enjoy the game suffer while the ones that actually are toxic just continue to egg people on and on until the person they're harassing finally does something back and ends up getting banned for it. Personally I have anger issues myself and a general inability to control myself when it comes to it so i have resorted to turning chat off entirely.
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