More jungle XP nerfs?

I mean its ok for me ill just tax even more after one gank, but jungle will be unplayable in low elo, junglers are actually 2-3 levels below every lamer actually, camps now give super low XP, its just better perma gank and get the cs xp, if u guys think this is good for your laning phase, you are all so wrong, now junglers will gank even MORE to get cs XP after a succesful gank and some platings. Has jungle ever got a Buff? I feel like its getting a XP Nerf every 3 months, how is this balanced? Wathever, im not a bronze, i recently got d4 by playing one of the worst champs in the Game, in the jungle, {{champion:62}} so I consider myself good enough to review this, and its actually going yo to fk up every lane. And yes, if you have no idea about jungle, wukong Geta sht on by every other jungler so hard its unreal, his scuttle clear is one of the worst. And his first clears are one of the slowest of the junglers. U better play like a pssy and pray to good these d4 hardatucks dont know how to freeze lane so you can gank. Wich is very often... For being in 0.7% of Europe ...
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