Ohmwrecker Buff

{{item:3056}} has had the lowest pick rate of all items in the game and needs a small buff. Overall the item has several problems: first the item passive is only able to be used around turrets. This means that other items such as {{item:3742}} will be more effective if not fighting around turrets. Second problem is the active which can only be used on enemy turrets. This becomes a major problem because if you start to lose the game the items active becomes totally useless. This power that Ohmwrecker holds is to be stronger around turrets. But if the game starts to go sours the items will do nothing for defense and then is seen as a troll pick. I would first like to point out that the items overall goal efficiency is not bad: 50 armor = Gold 1000 10% cooldown reduction = Gold 266.67 300 health = Gold 800 150% base health regeneration = Gold 450 Total Gold Value = Gold 2516.67 This means the item is is 94.97% gold efficient without the active and passive. The only changes I would give to this item would be to increase the usability of the active and increase the health given by 100. Small gold increase would also be acceptable to balance this item. Changes to items active: UNIQUE: Targets an enemy/ally turret to disable/buff the turret for 3 seconds (120 second cooldown). This effect cannot be used against the same tower more than once every 8 seconds. Meaning: the item can be used to buff your turret or disable the enemy's turret for 3 seconds. This would increase your defensive capabilities during a tower dive or be able to more easily dive the enemy turret. This would allow the items active to remain usable if you are losing or winning the game. What does buff mean? I would say double damage and attack speed as well as armor penetration for 3 seconds. (Not a very long time but the increase in damage output could quickly during a enemy's dive sour.) I would also buff the health to 400 to give the item more incentive to be picked by tanky support players. Overall I enjoy the concept of Ohmwrecker, but the current active makes it a risky pick that cannot be utilized by champions effectively. A small change the passive and buff to the overall health would put this item back on the map as viable pick. Thank you for reading, any comments/ concerns over proposed item changes is appreciated.
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