Where do you practice new heroes?

I'm not a super new player, but I'm not lvl 60 yet, and I'm really trying to learn how to play a role that isn't support (and honestly I'm not that great a support). Every time I try something new, I feel like I basically throw 10ish games in blind mode trying to get the basic handle on a character. I have a really terrible winrate because I'm trying and failing to expand my hero pool. What mode do you use for this? I like bot games because it's relaxing, but it doesn't actually teach you anything beyond getting your basic skill progression and stuff down after one game. For example, I haven't really found a melee champ I like, except maybe Nasus, who I'm not that great as. So I figured I might actually like toplane (or jungle) if I tried some toplane ranged champs up there. 3rd not-bot game with Teemo after a lot of bot games to fiddle with itemization, and guess what, I still suck at both toplane and Teemo. Is there some mode where I don't have to feel guilty about accidentally throwing games because I suck right now? I kinda feel guilty and am not having fun because I feel like I'm losing the game for 4 other people.
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