Hey every1! I don't know if riot read these messages but here I go. I've been playing this game since season 1. Have been on and off over the years because I always felt that the solo queue ranked games format was broken and was sick of being frustrated because of it. Here's what build frustration and makes me wanna quit the game for good this time : 1- Why should I lose the same amount of LP when I rank a S with 12-3-5 and my team total is 4-32-14 or somethin??? It happened to me yesterday... Riot create a quotation system (S to D) but don't use it in ranked games to influence LP gain/loss. It seems stupid to me as your contribution to the team should be what push you upward in the ranks. Especially in solo queue. In a nutshell : Don't give + or - 18-20 LP to all the team if some1 scored S+ and the other is a D. It doesn't make sense at all and encourage flamming... 2- Why should I lose LP when multiple teamates leave, DC or intentionnaly feed?? I was all hyped for my first ranked game in season 1 but 2 person were afk... one came 20 mins later saying he had to take a shit and the other one never came back. The 3 next games were played with afk/leavers. My cynism started growing... Now theres a surrender at 3 mins but it's not enough. Why riot don't use the report system to influence LP is a mystery to me. If every1 report a leaver or a toxic feeder why not create a mechanic to adjust LP loss?? Loosing LP because a duo disconnect during the game when you were winning hard is so stupid. 3- Why the solo queue allow for duo. 99% of the time I don't have a partner that can play with me when I'm ready to play. So I'm always penalized which is stupid. I'm not 14 anymore, I have kids and a variable work schedule so pairing with a same caliber friend is fairly complicated. 4- Why is the pairing so bad? Some say it's because the player base is shrinking... I say fix how the pairing works!! So that was my 2 cents. Sorry for my english. I hope I can stimulate a community request for a weighted LP system. For now I think I'll go play one of the 1000's of game coming out each years or maybe do zelda link to the past for the 100th time :P Peace!!
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