RIOT Clearly Explained the Prestige Points

I do not get why people are so upset about having to pay for the new Aatrox skin. If you do not like the skin then DO NOT buy it. No one is forcing you too. If you do love the skin, then by all means buy it. I do not understand why there is so much hate towards a skin that you DO NOT have to buy. You can also get a lot of other skins from buying the blood moon capsule. Also, if you read RIOT's reasoning, they say that this prestige skin is a different type of prestige skin where you have to earn the points. It says that the skin will be available for a year where you can earn prestige points in various ways throughout the year to earn it. If you want the skin NOW then you have to pay. If you would rather not pay, then wait and see the different ways throughout the year that you will be able to earn prestige point to get this skin instead of complaining like brats. Have a good day.
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