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Hey guys, ill preface this by just saying that i know 99 percent of people reading this dont give a fuck or think ima monkey (trust i am). But i'm looking for the 1 percent who can help me out. Im tryna meet people who take aram really seriously and was wondering if yall could teach me some stuff. I been playing league for 7 years. I have grown up playing this game. For someone whos pretty introverted, league is a pretty big chunk of my life. Didn't really have many friends I could relate to growing up, so the family type vibe I got from people in s3/4 meant so much to me. Playing for fun, with my homies I got chal in 3s and diamond in 5s. However in the last two years, pretty much all of my good friends have quit because the game is pretty shit. It's been hard to move on with them because i'm so attached. Playing league with friends just makes me happy. The only place I can really get that now is playing arams with people. I have met some people along the way who have shared my passion for aram and eventually showed me that the quality of the games get so much more enjoyable with a high win rate. However, the downside is that you can only really queue solo to raise your mmr exponentially. It's hard for me to find the time to play solo because im always playing with my girlfriend. My mmr is floating around 2000. I really wish I could meet people in aram who are 2300 mmr or higher. Even though we prob won't be playing together too often, I hope we can become friends just talking about the mode that we love so much. Add me on discord or msg below for ign! ish#3005 ps: this is just a repost to the boards i have posted on reddit as well
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