Here is why the core game of League of Legends is currently broken

---------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------**Introduction** ----------- Since the start of Season 8 has come to League, this game has been at an unstable position of balancing. The post I am writing here will be a long, thorough post to the reasoning of the game being lack luster right now. Players are finding themselves having no impact on their games, games being over within the first 10 minutes, and constant one shotting going on no matter what champion they're facing. This post, will go over all these 3 things and why the game is currently like this. I have made a post a like this in the past, explaining the reasoning, however it did not receive any attention (probably due to being posted at 3am), and I don't know where the post is so I have to rewrite this all over again. The goal here is to explain the state of the game as accurately as I can, in hopes of not confusing anyone. In no way will Riot take the post seriously, or probably even bother reading it, but let's get started anyways. --------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------**Problem 1: Patch 7.22** ------ For those who have not looked at Patch 7.22 yet, here is the link: Short breakdown of the patch and it's goals: Riot introduced this patch at the end of Season 7 to introduce the new Runes Reforged. When the patch launched, the game wasn't at the peak of it's broken state at first, but it was still unbalanced due to Riot having to figure out how to balance around Runes Reforged and all the champion changes. The goal of this patch was to give champions their basic runes from Season 7 as just bonus base stats when Runes were taken away along with the older masteries. This patch gave over 400 different changes to League, which in short, is impossible for anyone to balance a game with over 400 changes given one patch. Causing a long pain of an unbalanced mess. ------- ------------------------------------------**Comparing Season 7 Masteries to Runes Reforged** ----------- The goal of this is to show how much these runes helped gradually lead us to the snowball fiesta we are currently in. In this we're only looking at the runes that increase damage in anyway excluding Keystones: Season 7 Damage Masteries **FERVOR CHOICES** * Fresh Blood = Deal 10 bonus magic damage for your first auto on an enemy champion, 6s cd. * Fury = +0.8% - +4% Attack speed or Sorcery which grants .4% - 2% bonus damage for Spells/Abilities. * Natural Talen = Grants 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2 + (0.089 / 0.178 / 0.267 / 0.356 / 0.444 Ɨ level) attack damage (2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 at level 18) and 0.6 / 1.2 / 1.8 / 2.4 / 3 + (0.133 / 0.267 / 0.4 / 0.533 / 0.667 Ɨ level) ability power (3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 at level 18). * Bounty hunter = Deal 1% more damage per unique kill (5% cap) OR Double Edged Sword = Deal 3% more damage but take 1.5% more damage OR Battle Trance which grants 3% more damage for being in a fight longer than 3 seconds. * Battering Blow = 1.4% to 7% armor pen OR Piercing Thoughts = 1.4% to 7% magic pen. **CUNNING CHOICES ** * Assassin = Deal 2% more damage when enemy allies arent around. * Merciless = .6% to 3% increased damage when enemy target is below 40% health. * Green Father's Gift = Next Attack or ability when stepping into brush deals 3% of enemies health as bonus magic damage. * Precision = 1.2 to 6 Lethality/magic pen. Season 8-9 Runes Reforged Damage Runes * 3% to 18% bonus attack speed * 8% more damage to enemies under 40% health OR 5% to 15% bonus damage depending on health difference OR 5% to 11% bonus damage depending on health being 60% or lower. * Cheap Shot = 10-45 true damage on impaired movement actions, 4s cd OR Sudden Impact = 7 Lethality and 6 Magic pen when dashing/jumping/etc. * Zombie Ward / Ghost poro = 12 AD OR Eyeball Collector = 18 AD * Absolute Focus = 2 to 18 Bonus ad OR Transcendence = 1.2 AD or 2 AP per 1% of bonus Cooldown Reduction. * Scorch = 15-35 bonus magic damage 10s cd OR Waterwalker = 1-18 AD OR Gathering Storm = Every 10 minutes 5/14/29/48/72/101 bonus AD. **Comparing them** From the looks of this, it shows that Season 7 masteries had more damage options for League. However, the runes weren't big in terms of damage. Runes reforged grants more % damage, more attack speed, more flat damage, and a lot more bonus damage coming from Scorch/Cheap Shot/etc. The significance in damage really played a part here for buffing. If we compared the Season 7 Resolve tree vs the Season 8-9 Resolve Tree, you would see the tankyness options arent the same like they were before. At first this was compensation for the lack of level 1 stat runes like season 7 had where you could get 15 ad level 1, which would make sense, however Riot decided to change every champion already in the patch 7.22 which makes it stupid to keep these runes at the high damage theyre at. This is all adding up to the problem we have today, which we will go through in the second part. ------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------**Problem 2: Runes Added to Runes Reforged** ------------------- During Season 8, many people complained of how they were unable to play the champion the way they wanted to. This was because Riot removed the part that made each player unique, which were runes. Everyone had their own play style, for instance Jayce was played multiple ways. You could either be full Lethality Jayce with 24 Lethality level 1, which people would go for if they wanted to be heavy poke. You could go half lethality half ad which was most popular for those who want to poke and be present laning phase. Then there were those who would go full 15 ad level 1 with Jayce to have max laning priority as a lane bully. Today, everyone is just going whatever is most broken on their champ, nobody has a play style anymore, and if they choose to go their own play style, then they're at a disadvantage. Due to this, Riot decided to add runes back to League in Season 9. However the runes only granted a small portion of what people were actually wanting, and the fact youre only given 3 options to make your champion unique, you end up back on the same step of taking the same rune everyone else takes because otherwise you're at a disadvantage. This isn't part of the problem, but just shows Riot failed at bringing uniqueness to the game, and instead created a bigger problem. ---------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------**The Issue** --------- So due to the introduction of Runes in Season 9, everyone is now getting more AD/AP/AS as before. Making the changes in patch 7.22 pointless, along with making the add-on damage to Runes Reforge to even more of a mess. For these examples I always use Jayce, because I remember mostly everything about him. Which will be used for this example: In season 7, the amount of starting AD for Jayce ranged from 50 to 75 AD level 1. The maximum damage possible being 75, while the lowest being 50 possible. In season 8, the amount of starting AD for Jayce ranged from 58 to 90 AD level 1. The max being 90, lowest being 58. Today in season 9, the amount of starting AD for Jayce ranges 58 to 84 AD level 1. Max 84, lowest 58. Despite the 6 AD drop from Season 8 to Season 9, you are still getting a good first blood worth of gold worth of AD compared to season 7. Along with the additional amount of damage brought in by Runes Reforged to compensate those for losing their runes, and the additional damage/health/armor/ability damage brought in by Patch 7.22. Every champion was given these changes EXCEPT mages who were only given hp/armor bonuses, which is why many people are claiming mages are in such a bad spot right now. However mages arent in a bad spot, they're in a more balanced spot if anything. Everything else is just outperforming them because nobody ever got their bonus ad taken away with the introduction to runes. **Small personal rant** This has created this fiesta where you have everyone one shotting each other. Making games where teams die more than 1 time a minute. In season 7, it was very unlikely to see players hard carrying, and I mean hard carrying. People who were going 17/0, 13/4, 19/7, were majorly only smurfs. Today you are seeing people get these scores every game, in low elo, mid elo, high elo, you name it. It has gotten to this point to where everyone is basically a smurf now, because everyone one shots each other. You are seeing players die 100-0 in less than 2s at level 4 in a 1v1, this is how these 2 changes have impacted the game. ------- ----------------------------------------------------------------**The Final Problem: Minions** ------- In case you haven't noticed this change yet, here is the link: Many people looked right over this patch, but not many have realized the true damage it has done to the game. The Caster minion change and Siege minion change is the biggest part to this patch which turned the game more into a non skill environment. Riot decided to nerf caster minions by 3 gold each. meaning within 3 waves, 27 gold is removed total from caster minions. While Cannon minions were given +15 gold compensation buff. In short: 3 waves of caster minions = 3(14*3) = 126 Gold. 9 Caster minions = 126 gold. Every 3 waves comes a Cannon minion, = 60 gold. In case you have realized the problem, many people, especially in higher elo, are not even going for caster minions anymore. If you look at high elo, players are now getting 5 cs/m for the most part. This is because Casters are not that big of concern now when half the gold is in Cannon minions alone. Harassing the enemy laner > going for caster minions. While back then, getting as much CS as possible was the best way to win, because it gave you a huge gold advantage to where you can carry. Now today, the cannon minions and melee minions give all the gold you need to win lane. I had a better explanation for this the other day, and unfortunately I dont remember the full explanation, but this is pretty much the generic reason to CS being a non important factor of League now, but instead has gone to the Kills = win games, and the best time to get kills is when caster minions are up. -------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------**End** ---------------- Please reply with your opinion on this or any questions you have. I know many people always ask others to post how they would fix the game due to them saying "Fix the game", or a blatant statement such as that. The reasoning why we dont post these, is because it takes a very long time to post one, and on top of that Rioters dont even acknowledge the post anyways, making it pointless anyways. Anyways, that's my personal reasoning to the game. For those who dont want to read the whole thing and just want a short summary, here you go: --------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------**Too Long Didn't Read** ------------- First off if you're reading this instead of the post, and decide to reply a comment how what I have listed in the TLDR is wrong, then please for the love of god at least read the section I had for it first before replying so I can get more of an understanding rather than something I already broke down in this long post as is. Section 1: Patch 7.22 introduced over 400 changes to the game. Impossible to balance over 400 different different in one given patch. Every champion got some buff to damage/health/armor except mages, along with Runes Reforged being given bonus damage compared to Season 7's masteries in compensation for the loss of starting runes (getting +15 ad level 1, +9 armor from seals, +12 mr from Glyphs, etc). Section 2: Runes were added to runes reforged. Making the whole compensation damage buffs to all the champions in League and Runes Reforged even more of a mess. Champions are starting with over 400g worth of stats compared to Season 7, and are still given more damage than ever from their Runes Reforged masteries. Section 3: Minion changes introduced to league. Caster minions became useless, Cannon and Melee minions are now the only minions that matter. High elo players are getting about 5 cs/m due to Kills > anything. Thus players are ignoring Caster minions and instead go for kills.
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