Well, as a player of 8 years, I'm throwing in the towel. (Long post)

At least read the entire post before you decide to vote. This isn't a rage because of my last game or anything like that (although it didn't go too well), this is an articulate of thoughts on how the game outgrew me. Before I start, this is not aimed at anyone, I fully realize that the game has developed over the years and that this will not influence Riot nor will Riot respond to this. I also fully realize that I am a low ranking and the game is not patched based on my skill level. I played this game for 8 AMAZING years, but now it's just a game every few days. It all started when Riot reduced game times. I enjoyed playing the game for close to an hour every time. It was an actual mystery who was going to win or lose regardless of which champs they picked. And often the game swung in both directions before a winner was crowned. Then they made the game so that it's a stomp every SINGLE game. And when it's not, then it's just the losing team having waveclear and holding out as long as they can. Why are games shorter? First tower blood Killing spree rewards after only 2 kills Team killing spree rewards The damage creep that Riot "addressed" by nerfing masteries Anyways, moving on to chapter two of this. I _**firmly **_ believe that the meta is at a point where you **CANNOT** break it and still win the game. Right now the meta is _painfully_ chiseled. To win the game, all you have to do is have more tanks than the enemy, 5 man gank bot, and get first tower as well as picking the broken champ of the month. (and no, not broken as in _'he does damage at 11/2/14 RIOT FIX'_, broken as in legitimately has a clear advantage over the enemy, regardless of any matchup.) When was the last time any of you dared to break the meta in a ranked match? For me it was when I picked one of my favorites, {{champion:63}} jungle. I started the game pretty well, got some good ganks off and by mid game I was 6/2/? needless to say, things were going well between my mid, top and me. Our bot lane fell behind, sure, but it wasn't anything too crazy. **We ended up losing that game specifically because the enemy had another tank than we did.** (in the jungle) I never played league to win, so I didn't care to lose. But that is _completely_ different than not enjoying the game because in-game you play how you like and **_cannot_ **win. But it goes further than that. If I didn't play how the top 1% of league told me to play, It was virtually impossible to have a fun game (in my eyes). This is in the sense of how if you didn't play the meta, you wouldn't get kills, you'd have a REALLY tough time getting farm, and you couldn't teamfight. -------------------- Now, on the topic of why all of this has happened. From what I can remember, it started with the release of {{champion:157}}. _**Again this is not a rage against a single champion who's "op"**_ _This is the moment when Riot decided to ignore us._ With the release of {{champion:157}} there was an uproar about how his abilities didn't belong in the game, namely because they drew outside the lines. I specifically remember the outrage about his passive and his W on the boards. We all _collectively_ agreed that double crit-chance and a wall that blocks ALL projectiles was just unheard of at the time. And no one expected this from Riot either, because they have never done anything like this before (which is the prime reason why I think they did it.) ----------------------- Ok, I'll wrap this up because I have to make dinner soon. I fully realize that this post will not kill LoL, it won't create a rebellion. I just felt the need to put my thoughts down on why I can no longer play a game I've loved for 8 long years. I still love league, I love the creators, the universe, the players.**_ I think the game outgrew me in all honesty_**. But I do feel that this game will continue to outgrow its players, or at least the older players. ----- This is the part that is directed at Riot: _ Dear Riot Games, _ _You can't keep telling yourselves that you listen to your fanbase by bringing back URF twice a year. Now, by not listening your fan base, it won't kill your company, it probably won't affect you guys in any way. But it is the right thing to do. I honestly can't come up with anything else to say, after sitting here for 5 minutes thinking. But I want you guys to know that I **really, really, wish I could enjoy your game.** And for the Riot employee(s) that read this and can't respond, at least try to fight for change if you agree. If not, then best wishes. _ _Your biggest fan,_ _Kyle_ --------------------------------------- Now back to the public: This game, as I said, was never about winning to me, if I had to guess, it was seeing how far I could push the limit of how you "should" play. And I think that I can't play anymore because it is too limited. Another reason I played is because I have a group of friends who all live multiple states apart, and this was our one game that we **_ALL_** played... _As of now I am writing this as the last man standing._ I tried my best to articulate my thoughts in a way in which it didn't come across as another boards robot saying "nerf blank" and I would appreciate if you could do the same if you so choose to respond to me. Feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks, Kyle.
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