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Who else thinks the BE system should be revised/changed? I just have a rant on this and wanted to share my opinion because I feel as if this whole system is flawed. The fact that the daily reward gives you a laughable amount of BE and then takes a while to level up, which gives you less than 700 BE per orb is a really small amount compared to the fact that you need to do this 7-9 times to get a 4800 champion. I feel as if it's cheating you out with how little it gives you and it promotes spending money on champions with RP with the constant sales. And don't even get me started on the amount of Blue Essence you get from champion shards, you get a champion shard for a 6300 champion and you have to spend 3000 to upgrade it to permanent which is reasonable but the fact that if you don't want that champion, you only get 1000 BE for not upgrading seems like a punishment. I used to play back when Influence Points were a thing and stopped to come back to this horrid system. Bring back the system where you get the currency for playing games or completely revise this new system.
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