This year is a Big Mess for Riot

1. New runes and removal of masteries destroyed the balance. Every character was balanced around those : a process that accumulated 9 years of hard work. They Reseted it and let's begin again... 9 years to wait again to have the same amount/level of balance... 2. Season felt like a pre season all year long. 3. Failed reworks (except nunu) and new champions without a lot of counterplay and anti fun to play against. 4. Sexism and counter sexism with sexism 5. Keys and Chests have become less player friendly. In the past it was way easier to get a new skin. 6. Damage, Damage, Damage the new trinity of meta one shot or lose. Outplaying is clicking on 2 buttons or spamming 1 time only your spells : rollface. 7. LCS patch focus instead of players customers focus. 8. Low discussions and interraction between riot and players until mid season. 9. Riot took too much time to discuss with players and announcing changes. 10. Riot and Tencent big clash. Let's hope for a better season 9 together !
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