Thank you everyone

I realize the title can be read in a sarcastic manner, but I really do mean to say **thank you** in the most genuine way possible. Thank you to everyone who posts, plays, discusses, watches, and generally engages with League. In both positive contributions and salty complaints it shows that you **care **about the game and what happens in it. And its because you care that you post when the balance changes or issues arise in the game (and yes, we aren't perfect they do exist). Thank you for caring, and thank you for playing! Disclaimer - I'm in **no way encouraging** people to be salty, toxic, or generally bad neighbors to other players. All that shit serves to do is just inflict pain on others. Vent the anger in a way that doesn't destroy, put down, or generally make others feel miserable. Misery loves company, but thats one feeling I'm happy to deny a companion. I legitimately appreciate you, Riot Bazerka {{sticker:sg-kiko}}

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