Hard Stuck in Silver 1

So....You guys can clearly look up my history and see I have probably 4 wins and like 30 losses in my solo ranked games. I was a season 3-4 plat 4, Season 7-8 and going to be 9 Plat player. Its mostly flex but still. ,my point is I can win against plenty of Plat and Diamonds. My question is how do I get carried out of silver or Hard carry my way outta of this hell elo Literally. People always say that if you were good enough to be Plat. Then you can carry yourself and not be hard stuck. The problem is, Most of my teammates or Enemies are literally braindead. It seems most of them are new lvl 30's and got placed into Silver/gold. Then they don't know what to do. I play 5v5 flex with my friends and literally steamroll through Diamonds and Plat's, FYI I'm not even getting carried by my friends. Its a shitty elo I have to be in. I duo'd with my friend who was Plat and hard stuck in Silver. We won all our lanes, grouped and team fought, Baron,Drag, but our other 3 people int hard and we lose the game. A simple smite makes us lose because our jungler "misses" it. I literally need help here. I can go 20/1 at top but my bot lane is 0/85/0 while my mid is 1/6. My jungler is still at their jungle farming and not ganking. Thats my complaint. Silvers should be for new people. Also the only reason why I got Silver was because I left League for a year for other games and I still get Silver 1-2.
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