League Banning Method

So pretty much I think League should Stop Permanently banning people from their game and instead try something new and Permanently Mute people. I think this would help a lot because people who would get permanently muted would still continue to play the game and in fact probably spend more money on it too. But if your going to continue to Permanently Ban people for this kind of chat, They wont spend as much money on the game. I think this would benefit multiple people, because then the game would grow and people would be forced to stop being more toxic while still being able to play the game. Also, I am almost 100% certain that League of Legends is one of the only if not the only game that bans people more from what they say in chat, than Throwing the game or hacking. If someone can name at least 10 other games that Ban people for that they say in chat, I will literally donate 1000 dollars to the league of legends balance team, Because god they suck too. And for those who were permanently banned from chat logs, My idea would just to give them one more chance, and if they mess up again, they would get permanently muted.
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