Brand takes absolutely no effort to play.

Congrats you spammed W all lane, the fucking easiest to land aoe point and click in the game, it's like Lux's E but instant cast. Congrats you point and clicked on me with your E, and did 300 damage with your Passive Congrats you pressed R in a teamfight, you won the teamfight 5v1 This champion takes literally 0 effort, his skill floor is a bottomless pit, he has no skill ceiling because half his kit is point and click and ALL of his kit is easy as fuck to land. Tell me again why he has 2 FUCKING PASSIVES, THIS IS WORSE THAN ZOE'S W, Lets see We got a 12% max health magic damage for passive 1 and a (12% - 16% (based on level)怌 (+ 1.5% per 100 AP) 怍 of their maximum health) for passive 2 WHY ARE BOTH OF HIS PASSIVES MAX HEALTH, THIS IS SO FUCKING BROKEN, WHY DOES HE EVEN HAVE 2 PASSIVES, WHY IS HIS 2ND PASSIVE AOE??????? WHY DO THEY BOTH OCCUR AT THE SAME TIME, THIS IS BULLSHIT. THIS CHAMPION TAKES LITERALLY 0 SKILL OR BRAINCELLS TO PLAY.
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