The new NA LOL Esports site is an atrocity...

[]( Guys, what have you done? What is this??[] Why is there so much space wasted??[] Where's the LEC?? Where's the LPL?? Where's the LCK?? You're telling me you've assigned separated sites for each League?? **Why??** Why can't I have a lolesports single hub where I can find all the info I want for every league I follow? When did this idea of simple convenience become obsolete? Why is the site so hideously ineffective? ______________________________________ Then this:[] Why is nothing aligned?? What's the order in which I'm supposed to view any of this?? Why are the icons so needlessly large? ______________________________________ Then there's the Watch Page: Why can't I click on a team to see their stats, roster and record??[] Ok, here's the results... in an infinite scrolling page, so if I wanna hunt down Week One results around Week 7 all I'll have to do is scroll **ALL THE WAY UP**[] Then you click on the match and all you get is this:[] Where are the stats? Why can't I see the picks? and player stats? Why can't I click on the team and see their stats or players? Why is this so bare bones? ______________________________________ Let's check lol.gamepedia[] Oh look, there's **ALL THE LEAGUES TO THE LEFT IN A SIMPLE QUICK LIST EASY TO UNDERSTAND** How about the teams? Here's **ALL OF THEM IN A SINGLE PAGE** with small convenient logos, a standings table and even a sheet to show every result at a glance:[] If I want I can view rosters on the same page or find a bunch of stats like Roster Swaps, Roster Per Game or even click the Player Chart, which leads me to a simple list that uses all of the screen to fill me with all the info I need, including social media, stream, position (with a nice visual icon to identify position) and even their age:[] ______________________________________ Here's the gamepedia schedule. I can see all the teams, I can check their results, select my time and it will update every week for me to keep up with my favorite team. It highlights the team's matches if I just move my mouse above the team I wanna check.[] Back at the official site: So much space for **A SINGLE TEAM**'s matches, and this is just a fixed image that won't update results, doesn't let me see anything other than the time of the match, and it's not even useful for that, as I'm in Central Time and the image is using Pacific Time. ______________________________________ And that's just the LCS. If I wanna check any of this for LPL/LCK/LEC I have to go to their sites (I have no idea where the LCK/LPL sites are) and then turns out that the LEC site is **MILES BETTER** than that bloated mess the LCS site is:[] Top story at the center of the screen, other videos are properly organized below, and **LOOK TO THE LEFT. A LOVELY MENU WITH ALL THE IMPORTANT INFO I NEED**: News, Standings, **GLOBAL LEAGUES**, Full Schedule, and even a Search Bar. Week One matches are all at the top and there's a standings table to the right. Granted, the "Full Schedule" button still takes you to that awful non-stats Watch site (that keeps trying to force me to the LAN site cause of course it does), but look what they have when you click for a team back at the LEC page:[] Oh look! It's FNATIC! I can see their players and if I click on Rekkles I get a nice big picture with a bunch of stats and his most played champions, all organized and beautifully displayed. I even get his most recent Twitter posts right there on the page:[][] I can go back to the FNATIC page and look down for more of their recent stats too, along with their most recent news in a nice line just below![] ______________________________________ Let's now check C9's Page...[] Seriously guys what the fuck is this??? Can't click in any of the players, everything's centered like I'm reading a poem with the sides of the screen completely wasted. I scroll down and find a list of all their own sites, which is useless to me because I'm already a C9 fan and I might as well just Google their name if you're just providing me with a bland list of sites. I scroll down a bit more and there's that useless static image with Pacific Times for their games and their academy roster:[] ______________________________________ I can't believe what you've done to the site. You've murdered any kind of functionality for the sake of large icons that make the screen feel bloated and lack any kind of real organization. The team pages are bare bones and look horrendous. I can't see stats, players have no dedicated pages, I can't even navigate the page itself organically and I can't jump to pages of other leagues with ease which again, the LEC site does efortlessly:[] I guess I'll now be using only the EU site, which is sad because my NA account has limited functionality there, but the site works better even like that than what my NA account gives me on the LCS site. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
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