Banned for chatting, rant #2

Since when do they send just what YOU said and not what everyone in the game was saying all along, way to take things out of context lol riot dumdum move once again Game 1 Pre-Game LoLMasterLeet: hi LoLMasterLeet: feelling like complete shit LoLMasterLeet: stopped toking weed yesterday LoLMasterLeet: im having sweats LoLMasterLeet: and fucking diaerea LoLMasterLeet: bro i smoked 10-14 grams a day LoLMasterLeet: im fucking experiencing phys symptoms LoLMasterLeet: even tho ur not supposed to LoLMasterLeet: lol LoLMasterLeet: not like me LoLMasterLeet: i feel like a fucking heroin addict LoLMasterLeet: true LoLMasterLeet: i busted 30 grands on weed this last year LoLMasterLeet: enough is enough LoLMasterLeet: ... LoLMasterLeet: no LoLMasterLeet: they have no adc LoLMasterLeet: bro LoLMasterLeet: gg In-Game LoLMasterLeet: true LoLMasterLeet: i want a harem one of these days LoLMasterLeet: and i will own alot of them LoLMasterLeet: is it legal still to own a harem LoLMasterLeet: its my dream LoLMasterLeet: that ward doesnt show ur blue LoLMasterLeet: LOL LoLMasterLeet: i failed LoLMasterLeet: LOL LoLMasterLeet: why doesnt it show LoLMasterLeet: thats the weakest ward LoLMasterLeet: i ever seen LoLMasterLeet: my wards are so weak LoLMasterLeet: god damnit LoLMasterLeet: total fucking disrespect LoLMasterLeet: camille LoLMasterLeet: no LoLMasterLeet: i did cover the hell out of ur bot LoLMasterLeet: went to ur blue when we saw her LoLMasterLeet: we did LoLMasterLeet: she wasnt taking ur blue at 0:00 LoLMasterLeet: lmao LoLMasterLeet: tell that to lux LoLMasterLeet: wow LoLMasterLeet: 4 bot LoLMasterLeet: these guys are fukcing bad LoLMasterLeet: lol LoLMasterLeet: pathetic LoLMasterLeet: desperate LoLMasterLeet: enemies LoLMasterLeet: not all our fault LoLMasterLeet: we went to ur jg when she was LoLMasterLeet: it s ateam game LoLMasterLeet: xD LoLMasterLeet: wtf is going on LoLMasterLeet: ok theres no way im getting killed under tower by a fucking level 5 LoLMasterLeet: did they nerf towers LoLMasterLeet: weird then LoLMasterLeet: silver 2 i think LoLMasterLeet: dont really care LoLMasterLeet: ziggs what happens if u mute someone LoLMasterLeet: lol all a sudden ur showing positivity LoLMasterLeet: u took ur pills?& LoLMasterLeet: u toook ur fucking pills gragas? LoLMasterLeet: gragas u should take another pill LoLMasterLeet: gettin mad again LoLMasterLeet: Why? LoLMasterLeet: why u say im smoke LoLMasterLeet: viktor LoLMasterLeet: wa LoLMasterLeet: wat LoLMasterLeet: Wat LoLMasterLeet: WAT LoLMasterLeet: AWT LoLMasterLeet: WAT LoLMasterLeet: how did i die LoLMasterLeet: im full hop LoLMasterLeet: pretty sure i was LoLMasterLeet: gonna have to check replay LoLMasterLeet: but im pretty sure i was full hp and yall had 10? LoLMasterLeet: 10%T? LoLMasterLeet: well still i was FULL HP LoLMasterLeet: and u had nothing LoLMasterLeet: why does he do damage then LoLMasterLeet: he has fucking sheen LoLMasterLeet: I mean wow LoLMasterLeet: ur kidding lol LoLMasterLeet: he has 72 ad at level 9 LoLMasterLeet: u fuckin monkey LoLMasterLeet: ad = attack damage LoLMasterLeet: yeah i stopped caring LoLMasterLeet: a bit ago LoLMasterLeet: so? LoLMasterLeet: dude stfu about smoking i stopped yesterday and i feel like fucking shit LoLMasterLeet: apparently darius doesnt give a shit LoLMasterLeet: LLOL LoLMasterLeet: when does he ever tho LoLMasterLeet: Darius goes 20-0 in every game LoLMasterLeet: Wasnt face checking anything LoLMasterLeet: i think they nerfed the surrender button LoLMasterLeet: tis not working LoLMasterLeet: when will they fix the surrender botton LoLMasterLeet: not inting, he found me LoLMasterLeet: in my own jungle LoLMasterLeet: because u dont ward LoLMasterLeet: we could go over replay and i will explain all of them LoLMasterLeet: see? LoLMasterLeet: tower trolling me again LoLMasterLeet: thats not what i needed LoLMasterLeet: now im worth money LoLMasterLeet: i think LoLMasterLeet: no i gave up when 10% hp viktor was stronger then 100% hp twitch LoLMasterLeet: LOL LoLMasterLeet: LOL darius LoLMasterLeet: that champion simply doesnt give a shit LoLMasterLeet: the definition of broke LoLMasterLeet: theres no MF in this game LoLMasterLeet: same here LoLMasterLeet: report jaxerino LoLMasterLeet: because they wanted to farm me like a minion LoLMasterLeet: now i get report LoLMasterLeet: if riot bans me for being farmed like a minion LoLMasterLeet: im quitting anyways LoLMasterLeet: is that a challenge LoLMasterLeet: no theyre not LoLMasterLeet: how are they fking up LoLMasterLeet: obvious kassadin scripts LoLMasterLeet: me too LoLMasterLeet: why cint i be a musketeer too LoLMasterLeet: why did he ulti where ziggs was going to go then LoLMasterLeet: but like 1 second delay LoLMasterLeet: its called path prediction LoLMasterLeet: what LoLMasterLeet: im not good worker LoLMasterLeet: u should know that LoLMasterLeet: maybe i %%%%%tron cloak LoLMasterLeet: for ap blowing me up LoLMasterLeet: good idea? LoLMasterLeet: wait what LoLMasterLeet: What just LoLMasterLeet: he hit me twice only LoLMasterLeet: 29% dmg + 60% dmg LoLMasterLeet: didnt know they nerf twitch LoLMasterLeet: And nerf towers LoLMasterLeet: should i be crying LoLMasterLeet: calling my mom LoLMasterLeet: how can i make gragas know i care LoLMasterLeet: im fucking good when i can play high LoLMasterLeet: but im on withdrawal since yesterday LoLMasterLeet: feeling like shit LoLMasterLeet: thc levels abnormally low LoLMasterLeet: my systems are corrupt LoLMasterLeet: how does darius have 4k hp LoLMasterLeet: And 400 ad Post-Game LoLMasterLeet: how can darius have 4k hp AND liek 400 ad LoLMasterLeet: shit makes no sense LoLMasterLeet: LOL LoLMasterLeet: since when can someone actually have this amount of stats LoLMasterLeet: like ever. LoLMasterLeet: me too b ro LoLMasterLeet: demoted LoLMasterLeet: rigth now LoLMasterLeet: good thanks for tellin me how balanced riot made u LoLMasterLeet: xD LoLMasterLeet: everyone knows darius is the most op mofoker LoLMasterLeet: not surprised he can have more ad then anyone ad LoLMasterLeet: and more hp then sion LoLMasterLeet: cuz riot says he aint got no dash LoLMasterLeet: so it makes sense to make him a literal god LoLMasterLeet: xD LoLMasterLeet: right LoLMasterLeet: why LoLMasterLeet: u scared of playing against me LoLMasterLeet: no LoLMasterLeet: it was 15 LoLMasterLeet: check the replay LoLMasterLeet: i stopped caring when viktor killed me with 10% hp and i was 100% hp LoLMasterLeet: ahahaha LoLMasterLeet: he wasnt that good mechanically LoLMasterLeet: just a op champ LoLMasterLeet: ...what u lookin at my gut fer LoLMasterLeet: ?? LoLMasterLeet: im not laning against u LoLMasterLeet: why would i build all my itmes to counter u LoLMasterLeet: oh it dint matter LoLMasterLeet: like i said i stopped caring LoLMasterLeet: i just idd whatever LoLMasterLeet: how you have more minions then everyone else LoLMasterLeet: thats suspect LoLMasterLeet: is there even that much farm LoLMasterLeet: in the game LoLMasterLeet: if thats low then we didnt farm at all LoLMasterLeet: everyones around 90-170 LoLMasterLeet: or 200 max LoLMasterLeet: u at 260 LoLMasterLeet: im not impressed by rank LoLMasterLeet: it doesnt mean anything LoLMasterLeet: it just means more time invested LoLMasterLeet: everyone pressed the same buttons LoLMasterLeet: not at all because its a team game LoLMasterLeet: u have no idea the amount of tiems i did so fucking well but it was useless because of my team LoLMasterLeet: its kinda matter of luck LoLMasterLeet: and time invested LoLMasterLeet: even a 1k stack nasus cant 1v5 LoLMasterLeet: so i dont know what ur talking about LoLMasterLeet: u either get lucky LoLMasterLeet: and it works well LoLMasterLeet: or ur team gets crushed LoLMasterLeet: and u cant do shit LoLMasterLeet: about it LoLMasterLeet: ive lost games with a 2k ap veigar LoLMasterLeet: its a team game LoLMasterLeet: eveyrone pressed the same buttons LoLMasterLeet: rock paper scissor i guess LoLMasterLeet: theres alot of that too LoLMasterLeet: you call guiding and taking control of a silver/bronze team a simple thing LoLMasterLeet: aahhaha LoLMasterLeet: thats delusion LoLMasterLeet: so i play op champion and people liste LoLMasterLeet: ok LoLMasterLeet: i guess makes sense LoLMasterLeet: follow the power Game 2 In-Game LoLMasterLeet: why do u disrespect his strategy LoLMasterLeet: who do u think u are LoLMasterLeet: i wnat a 200 word essay on my desk by tomorrow morning about who you think you are LoLMasterLeet: LOL i was afk LoLMasterLeet: walkign to lane afk LoLMasterLeet: not a good idea LoLMasterLeet: there goes my S+ LoLMasterLeet: whats going on LoLMasterLeet: twitch? LoLMasterLeet: twitch is never in lane LoLMasterLeet: think ur good LoLMasterLeet: HUH LoLMasterLeet: ill show u LoLMasterLeet: loser LoLMasterLeet: twitch LoLMasterLeet: wtf LoLMasterLeet: i wasnt fighting em LoLMasterLeet: u thinkur fucking good thresh LoLMasterLeet: twitch is never in lane LoLMasterLeet: i use black shield when he hooks me LoLMasterLeet: should be ok LoLMasterLeet: but its not working LoLMasterLeet: he does -1 dmg LoLMasterLeet: i stopped caring LoLMasterLeet: a little while ago LoLMasterLeet: unwinnnable games etc LoLMasterLeet: twitch cant even 2v1 LoLMasterLeet: ahahhaah LoLMasterLeet: refund champion LoLMasterLeet: shouldnt have let him get cs LoLMasterLeet: he still thinks hes good LoLMasterLeet: hahaha LoLMasterLeet: doesnt matter cuz garen wont win against teamfigths LoLMasterLeet: just didnt care anymore LoLMasterLeet: twitch is cancer LoLMasterLeet: thresh thinks hes good cuz of him LoLMasterLeet: but then im still a 2/11 that got carried LoLMasterLeet: dioesnt mean much to me LoLMasterLeet: where was garen LoLMasterLeet: dude thresh was in the open LoLMasterLeet: landed my q on him LoLMasterLeet: u just linke da whole bunch of not really tanky items LoLMasterLeet: he thinks hes good so i will Q him every time LoLMasterLeet: this fucking thersh LoLMasterLeet: i got thrtesh to halfl hp LoLMasterLeet: thats the worst LoLMasterLeet: thresh buikld LoLMasterLeet: ive ever seen LoLMasterLeet: we cant lose to this shit LoLMasterLeet: i stopped cariyng a wwhile ago LoLMasterLeet: caring* LoLMasterLeet: twitch only has 1 item LoLMasterLeet: lol LoLMasterLeet: thresh still thinks hes good LoLMasterLeet: click the green button LoLMasterLeet: because riot made black shield not work aginst thersh LoLMasterLeet: very smart LoLMasterLeet: report afk twitch noob LoLMasterLeet: im 1v2 bot LoLMasterLeet: stopped caring LoLMasterLeet: thresh thinks hes good still Post-Game LoLMasterLeet: worst thresh build ive ever seen LoLMasterLeet: what a shame we lost LoLMasterLeet: and we lose to tear ezreal LoLMasterLeet: ahahah LoLMasterLeet: sadddd taem LoLMasterLeet: no wonder enemy thinks their good LoLMasterLeet: go watch more bunnies LoLMasterLeet: kiddo LoLMasterLeet: tell that to twitc LoLMasterLeet: why
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