Dear Rito why do you hate me is it personal?

Just a thought but it seems MMR is a joke. I'm a support main and literally 3 of 5 games sometimes more every single lane feeds like crazy. Why is the enemy jungler always a beast? Why is the enemy top laner always a monster? Why is the enemy mid laner always a god? You think it would be 50/50 getting teammates that can carry their own lanes. It is not. My play is consistent I win lane at least 60% of the time but I just can't carry the game when jungle, mid and top feed like it's their jobs. Bot lane is just not important in low elo play. I don't like playing mid and top im a great support but it feels useless more games than not. Most of the time bot lane just feels like I'm serving lunch for mid and jungle and top. If any of them get fed at all they come bot and decimate us and there is nothing we can do to stop it except abandon the tower to them. Only 1 game in 5 can bot make a difference and only then if all the other lanes at least hold their own and don't feed. There is no control unless you get crazy fed in the lane and that doesn't happen enough to let you carry every game. You can win bot lane get 3 or 4 kills, secure a couple of drakes but oh no mid fed and so did top and its gg because its fizz or Yasuo or Irelia or kat or Pyke or Sylas or etc..... makes zero difference as soon as you leave lane you get shit on like the rest of your team. It really is no wonder bot lane and support are so under picked. Yeah, the pros are good at holding their own. Short of that bot lane is a joke so is MMR. Unfair.
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