A Comparison Regarding Damage From Season 8 And Season 4

[](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/IVoMNFZ71lI/maxresdefault.jpg) TL:DR, Thumbnail I'm not going to tell you what has been told more than hundred times on these boards, instead I'm going to show you. Without much bla bla or jada jada, here are clips that show you how drastically the damage has changed in League: **Season 4** https://youtu.be/0_QEUtWv-tM?t=1m13s Ezreal sitting at like 280 HP, takes a Graves ult to the face (the AOE part), is left with 100 HP. Note that both teams are equally ahead, Graves is the same level as Erzeal. Neither is ahead or behind. (Yes I know, old Nidalee says hi, but she was a problem on her own and 2 levels ahead of Ezreal) **Season 8** https://youtu.be/mT0umFGYg_U?t=43s Full HP level 1 Kassadin sitting like 100 units away from tower level 2 Camille ganks level 1 Yasuo follows up Kassadin cannot move until he is half hp, Kassadin cannot afford to not flash otherwise he is dead before he reaches tower range, he flashes, still dies Lets summarize, being full HP right next to your tower and flashing into your tower is not safe enough to protect you from a level 2 gank while your laner is still level 1..... nice.... **Season 4** https://youtu.be/0_QEUtWv-tM?t=1m23s watch until 1:48 A lot of stuff to see here actually Generally speaking, these guys look like they are level 1 accounts with no runes. Nobody is getting one shotted, this is the todays definition of a wet noodle fight. More specifically: 1:25, Risky engage by the 70% HP Shyvana, she is left with 3 champions focusing her, one of which is an early game oriented burst ADC. Gets out of there with 25% HP left 1:30, half HP Katarina is being hooked, again focused by multiple champions. Is able to get out with a simple jump. Also the 25% HP Shyvana engages again, this time she dies but after getting focused for another 3 seconds by the ADC. 1:38, (this is one of my favorites) Lee sin hit's Q, re-casts Q, hits E, hits R on a 25% HP Graves. Graves survives by using his barrier to block most of the burst. Today Graves would have prop died by an Elec proc alone. Also Thresh takes like minimal damage from the Lee ult. Tough agreed, it seems Lee was underleveled with his level 7 against Grave's level 8. 1:43, Kat gets hooked, now with 25% HP, but gets killed pretty much instantly thanks to 4 champions focusing her. **Aaaaaaaaand back to Season 8** https://youtu.be/388kLGd8D-Q?t=4m20s Level 6 Jhin with Pickaxe takes away 70% of Morganas HP with 3 autos (one of which is empowered) and a point blank Q... yes she flashes under her tower and of course, still dies. **Season 4** https://youtu.be/Nvp9tKWskqQ?t=1m51s Level 2 Lee sin manages to hit level 1 Shyvana with Q, recasts Q, casts E and hits Shyv (that is still level 1) with a total of 2 autos. Shyvana is now at 50% HP, with a single HP-Pot she is back to 80% HP. Today that would be first blood right there and a lost lane for Shyvana. Looking further into the vid you can see how laning phases used to play out, a single trade didn't get you out of the lane and Shyv got a favorible trade for her off after the lost Lee trade that got her a little big back into the laning phase, into a really well timed Jungle gank. But we aren't focusing on that so let's go back to Season 8 **Season 8** https://youtu.be/6KivzORsj84?t=6m4s Fiora level 12 and 3/1 with Ninja Tabi Quinn level 11 and 5/2 doesn't give a fuck and initiates with an auto that takes away 25% of Fioras HP To summarize, Fiora dies within taking 7 autos (2 of which are passive procs) and an R proc of damage from Quinn While she even blocked an empowered auto Having said that, Quinn also misses her only skillshot **Season 4** https://youtu.be/8HhS-3vLmb0?t=10m7s Swain has to use everything his kit can offer AND ignite to kill a 40% HP Karthus Swain then goes from 80% HP down to 25% from getting hit by a Karth wall (less MR), 3 isolated Q's, 1 non-isolated Q, 3 seconds of Karth AOE and a minion wave for around 6 seconds. **Season 8** https://youtu.be/wBEapHfJnvk?t=1m21s Ahri level 5 (charm down) Zed level 6, engages on her with a flash ult and kills her with hitting, 2 auto attacks, 2 full damage shurikens and 2 E's worth of damage.... and ignite I guess Zed has overkilled Ahri by so much that he didn't even need the ult damage to actually proc. If you watch a little more you see the perverted burst on Eve while Nid missed Q followed up by the perverted burst done to her right when she failed to kill Eve instantly. **Ending words** This is not only a post to show you guys what this game used to be but it should also serve as a wake up call to Riot. Riot, believe it or not, but I actually do not enjoy making these posts or trying to find out whats wrong with league or discuss the game state for hours. What I do enjoy is to sit back and play some games of League. Those season 4 videos? That is the League I fell in love with, not Season 8 where staying full HP near your tower isn't safe enough. I want tactical thinking back and not "cc that guy and blow him up" I want teamfights to be exciting again, like in that 3rd clip. To engage, re-engage, pick a low target off, fuck she escaped and shyv is going for a re-engage, time to re-position again, ok Shyv is down, fuck there is a Lee coming! Have to time my barrier right to not die.. Today that fight would go like this: Ezreal dies Shyv engages kills Olaf Enemy engages on Shyv, Shyv dies Mundo gets jumped on, Mundo dies Kat get's hooked, Kat dies Graves tries to engage on Elise, Graves dies Lee comes, Thresh dies Like this isn't exciting... as in... at all The point of this video is to tell you that taking away 20 damage off Elec, 5 damage off Aery, 10 damage off Scorch, 7 damage off cheap shot and making Stormrazor / Duskblade passives unique will not be enough to even remotely get the League back we are all asking for. It is a step in the right direction but with this speed League will by fixed by Season 14. But I don't have to tell you this you know that already do you? You just refuse to fix it for some reason. Anyway, that was my post. I hope you enjoyed it, hope it was informative (wanted to write as less text as possible) and I hope you have a good day! Cya! Edit: Since UnboundHades wanted a comparison between the same champions here are some Season 8 Lee clips https://youtu.be/msFGgloR7l4?t=1m56s Level 2 Lee Sin Level 1 Zed (almost the same as that season 4 Lee clip where he engages on Shyvana) Anyway, Lee hits E, hits Q, recasts Q and a total of 2 auto attacks (exactly the same amount of attacks like in that season 4 vid) Zed gets chunked down to 20% HP from 90%HP After using 2 HP pots Zed gets back to 90% HP Pretty sure if he flashed ignited + one more auto Zed would be dead https://youtu.be/37Ad1WSZylU?t=45s Here is another one Lee level 2 Irelia level 2 4 auto attacks, ignite, Q, recast Q worth of damage and Irelia is dead from 90% HP. Keep in mind that Lee had no E, he had leveled up his shield. Before you say "but Shyv is way tankier!!" Shyvana HP and Armor (while the fight happened) in that season 4 video = 666HP / 42 Armor (Effective HP = 951) Irelia HP and Armor (while the fight happened) in that season 8 video = 714HP / 36 Armor (Effective HP = 971) Irelia was actually tankier than that Shyvana.
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