Bring the prestige pass back.

I've been waiting for the prestige Aatrox skin to come out for a while but today i found out that now instead of having to grind for these prestige skins I have to pay for this crap. Prestige skins are legit a chroma for the original skins. There should be no reason why its $100+. It takes the fun out of prestige skins. No one in the right mind wants to spend $100+ on a skin. Imagine if they created a prestige skin for every champ. How much money would we have to spend to collect all of it. Legit the grind for the prestige skin was actually fun and exciting because it motivates you to play the game everyday to earn a limited time skin. Now we legit gotta pay instead of grind. Bring back the prestige pass. No one wants to pay for no prestige skin. It makes the prestige skin "Not prestigious".
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