I finally checked out Hashinshin's stream for more than 15 minutes...

I do not claim this man into my Darkin Daddy harem. Holy shit all he does is complain about how bad Aatrox while playing Aatrox. Then he says Aatrox is bad and proceeds to lose to Aatrox after talking shit about Aatrox. I never actually watched his stream, just snippets on basic combos and how to fight match ups but holy shit...how do I file for custody of Aatrox, he doesn't deserve this abuse. He's just a gently UwU that needs love, hugs, and to annihilate all living things. Let him be happy and in a loving environment dammit. I don't usually watch high elo players because I know what happens in my elo is polar opposite of what goes on there but holy shit every time I tune into a high elo stream all they do is complain about the champ they play while playing that champ. Is that normal? (And this thread better not count get removed for targeted harassment when there's literally a 4 page thread roasting this man to death that's been up all day and has a mod posting in it)
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