i hate high elo i wish iwere in low elo im goign to intentionally drop

high elo is fuckig shit its not fun all games are the same and its rng super bullcrap every single game every single game in high diamond + is jsut a bunch of one trick retards with 99999999999 games played a low-mid 50% winrate and a low-mid 2 kda they all suck and dont knwo how to do their champions but they get high elo cuz they spam enough cheese bullshit a million times because they have no life no family no friends no careers the ydont do homework they od take part in any community ror sical activity or clubs or anything like that they are worthless people with worthless lives they are a plague to everything and thne theres like 10% of the guys are actually good either pro players that shitstomp these trashcans and a few good players that main jg with 90% winrates because jg is the only role that takes skill no other role takes skill vevery other role is that bullshit dance around himp enemy minions in lane cancer with 40 minutes and hoping ur jg makes better plays als oalning phase is the only part of the game that takes skill at all wahtsoever and even if you wi nlaen and 1v1 ur enemy laner enemy jg ganks u once and towerdives u u lose and ur worthless only bot lane matters in the long run and the game isnt fun it uscks iwish i were low elo where it is fun and i can play the game and enjoy myself tanks are required and if you dont pick a tank you autolose D ONOT ARGUE WITH ME THIS I S THE TRUTH AND YOU ARE ALL WRONG IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME
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